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Optomap Retinal Screening

Optomap Image Comparison

Just as every fingerprint is unique and no two snowflakes are the same, your retina is also one-of-a-kind. At Horizon Eye Care & Optical, we will photograph your individual retina in order to detect any significant abnormalities. Using our Optomap Retinal Exam, Dr. Alizera Somji and Dr. Sana Somji are able to inspect the image for a comprehensive view of your retinal condition. The pictures are generated instantaneously, so we’ll be able to discuss the findings with you immediately in our Sugar Land, TX, office.

How Does it Work?

No dilation of your pupils is necessary for performing the Optomap Retinal Screening. We will simply ask you to look into the device, one eye at a time. You’ll see a painless flash of light, and then it’s over. We will store your precise, personal images from year to year to compare and identify any changes in your retina.

The Optomap is an advanced diagnostic tool that enables us to assess an ultra-wide field of view of your retina. Our optometrists may detect abnormalities such as blood spots, retinal holes, tears and detachments or a choroidal nevus (a freckle at the back of your eye) in the pictures generated by this modern technology. Using Optomap in our Sugar Land, Texas, optometric practice helps us to diagnose ocular disease at a very early stage, before you experience any symptoms. General health conditions, including diabetes and hypertension, may also be detected by analyzing Optomap photographs.

We have more than 20 years of experience examining eyes in Sugar Land and the Greater Houston area of Texas. To benefit from the comfort and precision of our Optomap Retinal Screening, please contact us today, for an appointment.

See below for an illustration of the eye abnormalities and diseases that may be evident on an Optomap retinal image: