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iCare Tonometer

page-photos-examAdvanced Testing: iCare Tonometer

At Horizon Eye Care & Optical, we value the comfort of our patients, and it’s important to us that you have a positive experience in our Sugar Land, TX, eye clinic. Our iCare tonometer enables us to accurately measure the pressure inside your eyes without using any irritating drops or uncomfortable puff of air. We are proud to employ this advanced technology when screening for glaucoma.

iCare tonometers are designed with a unique technology that depends upon a tiny probe to make very brief, gentle contact with the cornea. The procedure is extremely quick and totally painless, with no need for anesthesia, and the measurements have been proven to be easy and precise. Dr. Alizera Somji and Dr. Sana Somji use the iCare tonometer when performing comprehensive eye exams on all patients at Horizon Eye Care & Optical. In particular, this testing method is highly successful with children – turning their eye examination into a pleasant visit in our Sugar Land, TX, office.

Eye Exams

Our complete eye exams inspect many aspects of your vision and eye health, including the retinal and inner eye tissues. Testing for glaucoma is one part of this broad-scope evaluation, and the efficiency of the iCare tonometer also allows us to streamline the whole examination process. In sum, the iCare tonometer is quick, accurate, painless and effective. What more could you ask for in an eye exam?

After age 40, it’s recommended to have regular eye exams performed, including checking for glaucoma. We’ve been serving patients from Sugar Land, TX, and the Greater Houston region for over 20 years. To schedule your appointment with Dr. A. Somji or Dr. S. Somji, call us today at Horizon Eye Care & Optical.

We also perform Optomap Retinal Screening at your Sugar Land optometrist!